The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Oct 14, 2015 | LIFESTYLE

Hey – staying on your computer all the time isn’t doing much for your health. The body needs more stimulation than hours of low light, sitting down and bright screens. So, why not head outside and get some fresh air?

Sure, it might be a bit cliché at this point, but it’s true. Being outdoors really does wonders for the body. Even going outside for about ten minutes a day makes a difference. Don’t believe it? Let’s learn why you should turn off your computer and go outside, thanks to the health benefits of being outdoors.

Going outdoors helps alleviate depression symptoms.
According to recent studies, going outside can play a role in decreasing the effects of depression and stress. One study revealed that going out on a walk can ‘significantly lower feelings of stress and/or depression.’ Heading outdoors for a walk also helps energize the body by, well, putting it to work. The exhilarating feeling that people tend to get from regular exercise helps eliminate negative feelings.

Going outdoors helps improve workout morale.
Another study showed that ‘people who walk, bike or run on a regular basis have a lower risk of poor mental health than people who don’t workout outdoors.’ As mentioned, getting out and moving around helps energize the body, improving your morale before you head back inside for a workout.

Going outdoors helps improve focus.
Going outside does wonders for the mind and body. According to another study, heading outside and interacting with nature ‘helps give the brain a rest from its constant bouts of overstimulation.’ This can help restore some of the brain’s intrinsic functions, improving your overall focus.

Going outdoors helps potentially improve your immunity.
You may want to get some fresh air everyday to stay in good health. That’s what a study revealed about the correlation with improved immunity and the amount people stay outdoors. The study showed that people who ‘spend about six hours in the woods, during two days, ended up seeing an increase in tumor and virus fighting white blood cells.’ Interestingly enough, the improvement in bodily immunity ended up lasting as long as seven days.

What if I can’t head outdoors… at the moment?
If you’re stuck indoors, you’re not out of luck. Until you can step out and get fresh air, there’s a way to reap some of the benefits from being outdoors.

As mentioned, being outdoors helps boost morale. A study revealed that even simulated outdoors can help improve morale from indoors. People who were shown pictures of scenic landscapes ‘were said to have developed heightened activity in the areas of the brain associated with positive memories.’

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