Our Story

It started with one simple question:

Why can’t healthy, natural skincare be high-performance skincare?

Beauty is Natural.

How many times have you felt puzzled in front of the high number of cosmetics found on supermarket’s shelves? How many times have you got no idea what to buy or ended up being disappointed by the quality of the products you bought? This is because most of them contain ingredients we don’t even know how to read, yet alone to know what they are good for. These ingredients are mainly chemicals and synthetic compounds, which make a cosmetic product to have a poor quality, never deliver the claimed results and even be dangerous for the health of your skin. Under these circumstances, Pure White wished to make a difference and offer women the products they look for and the ones that they deserve. We all have a natural beauty, which deserves to be protected by cosmetic products that respect femininity and the skin’s integrity. While most cosmetic products contain negligible quantities of natural ingredients, Pure White based its entire product palette on natural ingredients. The luxurious formulas that bear the Pure White trademark are made entirely out of the finest organic oils, botanical extracts, vitamins and active ingredients. Extracts from whole plants together with antioxidants and vitamins help us create highly effective, 100% natural cosmetics.
Pure White Cosmetics - About Us
Pure White Cosmetics - About Us

“When I decided to create my own brand, I was uncompromising in my vision to create high quality and high-performance cosmetics that take care of people and the environment by communicating clearly, with luxurious packaging and effective products that women not only needed, but desired. That’s how Pure White was born.

– Founder of Pure White

Mission & Values

Mission & Values

About Us | Pure White Cosmetics
At Pure White, we take nature’s gifts as inspiration and blend it with high science and true innovation. We strive for the highest quality in everything. Our employees are all experts and professionals in their field. The ingredients in our cosmetics come from certified organic farms and approved suppliers, they are biodegradable and, of course, we are never going to test our products on animals, nor work with laboratories that have facilities for animal experimentation. We neither use ingredients from animal origin. Our products are vegan, since we only use top materials of the plant kingdom: floral waters, plant extracts, roots and fruits, vegetable oils and essential oils.

Each skin is different, so we think about what each skin type needs and we look for plant extracts and oils that we can combine to treat it in the best way.

We want Pure White cosmetics to be available to every woman. All women deserve to choose and receive the best, safest and most effective natural cosmetics that reveal the natural beauty of every woman and do not harm nature. Pure White works so that you can choose and use the natural cosmetics most suitable for you wherever you are. We maintain the highest quality in all stages of our work, because we want you to always get the best from us.

About Us | Pure White Cosmetics

Safe Ingredients

We only use natural ingredients and oils of vegetable origin that allow the total breathing of the skin and manage to transmit the powerful benefit of its properties.


Respect Your Skin

Each skin is different, so we think about what each skin type needs and we look for extracts of botanicals and oils that we can combine to treat it in the best way.

About Us | Pure White Cosmetics

Vegan Products

Our products are vegan, since we only use top materials of the plant kingdom: floral waters, botanical extracts, roots and fruits, the finest plant oils and essential vitamins.

About Us | Pure White Cosmetics


Of course, we will never carry out tests of any kind on the product in animals and we will not work with laboratories that have animal experimentation facilities.

About Us | Pure White Cosmetics

Our Team

We believe in caring all members of our company. We all feel our workplace as a pleasant place where we treat each other with mutual respect and we feel comfortable.

Our Bestsellers

Pure White Cosmetics - Regenerating Superseed Facial Oil



Potent age-defying treatment with 16 regenerating, Omega-rich seed oils & extracts to deeply nourish, revitalize and enhance elasticity.

Pure White Cosmetics - Overnight Noursihing Repair Cream


Intensely rich multi-tasking night treatment helps improve elasticity and firmness, resulting in a more rejuvenated complexion.

Pure White Cosmetics - Revitalizing Treatment Lotion



The essential first step after cleansing: a daily lotion that prepares and activates the skin for the next steps of your routine.

Pure White Cosmetics - Softening Daily Moisturizer



Lightweight skin nourisher with Tahitian Monoï oil that repairs & softens skin while preventing premature aging.

We are Comitted to Products That Do Not Include

Parabens, Sulphates, Fillers, GMO, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Synthetic Color, Synthetic Fragrance, Mineral Oil, and Silicones

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