Seasonal Skincare: Our Summer Essentials

Jun 30, 2016 | EXPERTISE

With summer in full-swing it’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of the season’s activities. From picnics and BBQ to traveling and sitting poolside, we’re all trying our best to savor each one of these warm, sunny days.

As our activities change with the seasons, so should our skincare routines. Jet away with naturally gorgeous skin this summer with our must-pack range of summer-essentials. Whether you’re heading on a relaxing beach break or a city adventure, ensure skin is at it’s best with these three Pure White favorites that are sure to become your favourite summer-essentials.

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Look dewy and feel refreshed with Herbal Recovery Toning Mist

When it comes to fresh, dewy skin, one product delivers instantaneous results like no other: face mist. Our Herbal Recovery Toning Mist is the most important skincare accessory this summer. With its all natural herbals, instantly gives your thirsty skin a generous nourishment and a healthy glow, cool overheated complexions, protect against pollution and sun and set makeup in place. The key ingredients in this luxurious Mist are aloe vera juice, green tea extract, lavender flower water, willow bark extract, red grape extract and Vitamin B3.

How to use: Shake before use. Close eyes and mist directly onto face or spray 2 pumps onto palms and press onto face, neck and décolletage, anywhere, anytime when you want to feel cool and refreshed.

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Protect your skin from dehydration with Softening Daily Moisturizer

As much as we try to avoid it, summertime means more hours spent in the sun, which can lead to dehydrated and inflamed skin.  Moisturize your face with our all-natural, lightweight Softening Daily Moisturizer to look and feel younger. This lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizing cream is designed to intensely hydrate and replanish the skin while Coenzyme Q10 is helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Whole plant ingredients restore elasticity and protect skin from dehydration for lasting smoothness.

How to use: Warm a pearl sized amount between the fingertips and gently massage onto clean, dry face and neck skin. Wait until absorb. Suitable for all skin types.

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Lavish treatment for the body skin with Nourishing Coconut Body Cream

Nourishing Coconut Body Cream – the best thing you can put on your skin after getting a little too much sun. This rich, creamy formula contains extra virgin organic coconut oil and coconut powder. The medium chain fatty acids along with other vitamins and minerals contained within coconut oil are quickly and easily absorbed into your skin, where they can be directly utilized for nutrition and energy by the mitochondria. This provides all the energy your skin needs to heal, maintain, and flourish.

How to use: Apply generously over body and massage into skin until fully absorbed. For optimum hydration, use immediately after bath or shower on damp skin. Absorbs easily into the skin.

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