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Night Done Right

Oct 2, 2018 | EXPERTISE

Pure White Cosmetics - Do You Really Need to Use Toner? — Yes! Here's Why.

To get the most benefit from your nighttime skin care routine, you must be using the right products and apply them in the right order. This will give you the best results to create the most improvement in your skin while you sleep at night. It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the perfect nighttime skin care routine for applying all of your products along with reasons why each step is so important in your quest for healthy, glowing skin.

First, here are some general guidelines for your nighttime skin care routine.

Your nighttime skin care routine is all about repairing your skin while your morning routine is mainly about protection from the environment.

Are you guilty of getting lazy at night and not tending to your routine? Try to do it earlier in the evening, just after the sun goes down.

Never skip using moisturizer at night thinking that your skin needs to “breathe”. Your skin does not have a respiratory system so this is a myth. Plus, omitting moisturizer will result in water loss for your skin cells. (Not good!)

Did you know that your skin function changes in the evening?

  • At night when it’s dark outside:
  • The water content in the cells is the lowest due to transepidermal water loss.
  • Your skin’s protective barrier function is decreased so there is more permeability (which is why you always want to add a serum to your nighttime skin care routine).
  • Your skin’s detox enzymes are released.
  • Cell division is increased.
  • Mitochondrial energy is renewed overnight.
  • DNA repair and renewal is active.


Step 1: Remove your makeup

Believe us, we know how inconvenient it may seem to have to take off your foundation and mascara at the end of the day when all you really want to do is sink into bed with a good book. But trust us: This is one step in your nightly skin care routine that you don’t want to skip. That’s because when you sleep in your makeup, it can mix with the dirt and oils that have built up on the surface of your skin throughout the day, which can lead to clogged pores. Plus, starting with a clean face allows the skincare products you use afterwards to work even better.

The PlantObsessed™ Nourishing Cleansing Oil helps remove long-wear makeup—even the waterproof kind. To use, pump onto dry hands and massage onto a dry face to remove makeup residue and pollutants then rinse with warm water to transform into a soothing milk as it emulsifies on contact with water, and pat dry. Oils bind with oils – the ‘good’ oils in this cleanser bind with the ‘bad’ oils on your skin to deeply cleanse and remove impurities.


Step 2: Break out the faical cleanser

After removing your makeup, you find that your complexion is still in need of a good cleanse. So, the next step in your pre-bed skin care routine should be reaching for a rinse-off facial cleanser to help rid the surface of your skin of any impurities that may still remain post-makeup removal. Choose from the Pure White Cosmetics cleansers, which are all formulated to wash away substances that can lead to clogged pores and dull skin. Use circular motions to gently massage the facial cleanser onto your skin, then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. Starting with a clean face allows the skincare products you use afterwards to work even better.


Step 3: Apply an alcohol-free toner

Toners add vital skin-replenishing ingredients immediately after cleansing. They also help diminish the look of redness and dry patches, while removing the last traces of makeup. Wipe over our all-natural, alcohol- and frangrance-free PlantObsessed™ Replenishing Toner entire face and neck which delivers replenished and soothed skin. Those with oily skin may see visibly minimized pores.


Step 4: Use a skin serum for your skin type

If you want to increase the results from your nighttime skin care routine, using a specialized serum at night will go a long way. Since your skin’s permeability is enhanced at night and serums have a small molecule to penetrate through the cell membrane, you really should be using one. One that you get from reputable and ingredient-focused skin care brands should have effective percentages of active ingredients to create positive change in your skin.

Pure White Cosmetics serums improve your skin in numerous ways, from calming redness to improving the appearance of wrinkles and skin texture, and helping skin look and feel more radiant and firm. Our Overnight Antioxidant Renewal Serum is suitable for all skin types. Designed to maximize the power of skin’s natural nighttime renewal with powerful free radical fighters. Also includes Hyaluronic Acid, nature’s “moisture magnet,” to help lock in moisture.

It’s best to apply the serum and let it absorb for 60 seconds before applying moisturizer.


Step 5: Apply moisturizer—no matter your skin type!

Whether you have normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, or anything in between, it’s important to apply a moisturizer twice daily—once in the morning and once at night—before bed. Choose a moisturizer that provides long-lasting hydration and can help increase the appearance of skin’s radiance, like the Pure White Cosmetics Overnight Nourishing Repair Cream for normal/dry/combination skin, which is formulated with Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and organic Argan oil.


Step 6: Apply eye cream

Frustrated by dark circles, under-eye puffiness, and/or crow’s feet? Say hello to eye cream! Look for an eye cream formulated to address the issues you’re concerned with, and gently pat it on once you’re done applying moisturizer. The Pure White Cosmetics Rejuvenating Eye Cream is an eye cream that addresses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles. Apply the eye cream in small dots around your eye and smooth until absorbed.

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