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How to Layer Your Skincare Products

Jan 30, 2017 | EXPERTISE

The Pure Blog - How to Layer Your Skincare Products

We’re often asked how to layer products to achieve maximum skincare benefits. And while your routine should cater to your specific skin needs, there are some general rules of thumb for getting the most out of your regimen.

Cleansing is the First (And Most Important!) Step

Identify your most important skincare issue, and find a cleanser that not only removes grime and makeup, but also nourishes your specific skin type and concerns. For example, dull and uneven skin tone calls for a cleanser that contains brightening ingredients like vitamin C and nourishing botanical extracts. Or, if your skin is dry or sensitive, use an oil- or jelly-based cleanser to soothe and balance the skin.

Try  Purifying Foam Cleanser or  Moisturizing Gentle Cleansing Foam


This step clears away dead skin cells and sebum that naturally accumulates over time on the skin’s surface. Choose a product that formulated to gently detox, purify and refine the texture of the skin.

Try  Purifying Clay Mask

Treatment Lotion:

Preparative treatment lotions should be applied first before your skincare routine to maximize skin’s moisture for fresher, smoother, firmer skin.Apply your products in order from the most light and thin to creamier and thicker.

Try  Flawless Activating Treatment Lotion


The best serums contain high concentration and blends of these research-proven ingredients. Serums should apply easily and feel lightweight, even though the formula is packed with the best of the best. A great serum will be compatible with your moisturizer, complementing its benefits rather than competing with them.

Try  Antioxidant Renewal Serum or  Whitening Night Serum

Eye Care

Gently tap a small amount of product around your eye area and orbital bone with the pad of your ring finger. This area is extra sensitive so you want to be as gentle as possible.

Try  Revitalizing Intensive Eye Lift Serum or  Rejuvenating Eye Cream


Seal it all in to keep skin hydrated, moisturized and glowing.

Try  Softening Daily Moisturizer or  Flawless Illuminating Silk Lotion


Apply a facial oil on top of your moisturizer. If you place the oil on first, it will act as a barrier and block the beneficial ingredients of your moisturizer. Our two treatment oils feature some of nature’s most nutritious and effective ingredients.

Try  Regenerating Oil Serum

Maximize Your Time

Good skincare takes time, but it’s nice to remember that even a luxurious regimen can still be efficient!

You can cleanse and gently exfoliate by simply adding a washcloth to your cleansing ritual. Waiting for your serum to sink in? That’s a good time to tap eye cream around your orbital bone. Maybe while your eye treatment is working, you can start on your lip treatment regimen. By the time that’s finished, your skin will likely be ready for your next serum or moisturizer. See where we’re going?

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