Do You Really Need to Use Toner? — Yes! Here’s Why.

Jun 9, 2018 | EXPERTISE

Pure White Cosmetics - Do You Really Need to Use Toner? — Yes! Here's Why.

Toner is one of those products that many of us have in our cabinets, but you still might be asking yourself, what does toner do? Is it really necessary?

Here’s the scoop on toner, and why it’s really beneficial for some skin types.

What is Toner?

 A toner is a skin care product, usually water-based, that’s meant to shrink the appearance of pores and further cleanse the skin, picking up any makeup or debris that may have been left behind.

Toners were originally designed to help restore skin’s pH balance, because old styles of cleansing (with soap bars and harsh cleansers) disrupted that balance, leaving skin more vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganisms. Many cleansers on the shelves now still alter the skin’s pH. Over time, disrupting pH could lead to inflammation, dryness, and accelerated aging.

If you wash your face with a balanced, natural cleanser, your toner might not need the pH-balancing properties of toners. The truth is that different toners have slightly different benefits (and some can actually be bad for skin). So it all depends on your skin type and the toner that you use.

Do I Still Need to Use Toner?

If you’re talking about the old-style, alcohol-based toners—no, you don’t want to continue using these, because they’re not good for your skin!

If you have acne-prone skin, you know what we’re talking about. Many tones targeted at reducing oil and breakouts use ingredients meant to disinfect the face and cut down on acne-causing bacteria. Alcohol is often the chosen ingredient here. While alcohol does kill bacteria, it also dries out the skin, which disrupts the outer layer and can lead to increased lines and wrinkles over time.

Others are basically glycerin and fragrance, and function more like perfume than skin care.

Fortunately, there are increasingly better options than these. The right toner has ingredients that create a number of benefits, giving you a quick and refreshing lift that helps repair, restore, and renew your skin. For all these reasons and more, we highly recommend you continue to make toning the second step in your skin care routine.

What Does Toner Do? Here are 5 Reasons to Use It

Choose your toner carefully, and you’ll have a hard-working product that will do the following:

  1. Complete cleansing.This is still an important part of a toner’s job. You may cleanse well, but more than likely, there are still microorganisms left behind, as well as dust, pollution, and impurities. A toner helps sweep all that away, leaving pores clean and less noticeable, and protecting skin from long-term exposure to impurities that can cause problems down the road.
  2. Shrink the appearance of pores.Most toners contain an astringent ingredient, which helps to shrink the appearance of pores, giving skin a smoother appearance. It’s important to be cautious in which one you choose, though. What you need is an ingredient that shrinks pores without drying.
  3. Hydrates.Some toners contain hydrating ingredients, which are important immediately after cleansing to set the stage for moisturization. Your favorite moisturizer will penetrate skin much more effectively if it’s hydrated. If skin is dry and tight after cleansing, you will not get all the benefits from your moisturizer.
  4. Tames inflammation.This is a fairly new application for toners, but an important one. We now know that inflammation plays a part in just about every skin problem—acne, aging, and damage. Toners that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients go to work calming skin down, which is the first step in improving appearance.
  5. Protect.Your skin has to “face” a lot of assaults during the day, from the sun, environmental pollutants, stress, dietary changes, and other factors that can increase free radical damage. A quality toner will include antioxidants that help counteract these damaging assaults, giving skin what it needs to shield and repair itself.

Our toner solution for you

Powered by organic aloe vera, peppermint and melissa destillates, our alcohol-free PlantObsessed™ Replenishing Toner is an innovative 3-in-1 skin clarifier, conditioner and hydrator which goes above and beyond by helping prepare skin, maximizing the benefits of the serums and moisturizers that follow and restoring radiance. It also features powerful botanicals to hydrate and balance normal to oily skin and create a replenished, deeply moisturized complexion after cleansing. The formula combines AHA fruit acids and essential vitamins and plant extracts to help clarify and hydrate skin by locking in moisture—skin appears supple and revitalized over time.

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