Discover a New Wave: Introducing The New Activating Treatment Lotion

Dec 22, 2016 | IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Keeping your skin well-hydrated allows it to function normally, stay healthy, and retain its smooth and soft appearance. But there are many factors that can cause skin to become dehydrated – from the natural ageing process, to exposure to elements such as air conditioning, weather and pollution.

Our new and highly concentrated bi-phase (oil + water) Flawless Activating Treatment Lotion, rich in precious seed oils and flower destillates, known for their nourishing and revitalizing properties, delivers lasting hydration while protecting your skin from moisture loss. It leaves skin feeling soft and healthy, and ready to absorb the full benefits of the rest of your skin care ritual. It travels deepest into the skin, making it more receptive to active ingredients. Serum contains humectants, which attract extra water to the skin from the atmosphere. And cream works as a sealant that keeps all that moisture in.

So basically, this is an elaborate and intensive way of keeping your face hydrated, plump and glowy. And it definitely works.

What’s truly innovative about this product?

It captures the vital living energy of plants, activating skin in 3 ways:


Delivers continuous hydration and lasting moisture


Smooths skin to provide a soft, supple complexion.


Revitalises and re-energises for healthy-looking skin.

This is why our Activating Treatment Lotion is the essential first step in every skin care ritual.

Try our NEW Activating Treatment Lotion.

How to use?

Use your Activating Treatment Lotion after your toning mist and before your serum. A mist prepares the skin whereas the essence activates deeper into the skin to provide the optimum environment to enhance the benefits of your serum.

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