Beautiful Eyes


[spacer height=”20px”]Brighten skin, smooth fine lines and reduce dark circles with these potent natural formulas. The eye area appears visibly smoother, plumper, and strengthened for a youthful and brighter appearance. This exclusive duo contains one of bestsellers, the Rejuventaing Eye Crem and our newest breakthrough, the Age-Defying Roll-On Eye Serum.[spacer height=”20px”]
Step 1 · Rejuvenating Eye Cream[spacer height=”20px”]
Rapidly smoothing and wrinkle-filling sily-soft cream containing Olive Squalane, coffe beans derived Caffeine and organic Orange Blossom juice that stimulates firmness, replenishes the skin‘s moisture depots and ensures optimum transport of active substances. A deep penetrating effect counteracts diminishing firmness and the visibility of fine lines, dark circles and tear sacs. Eye lids appear tightened and look noticeably refreshed and younger.[spacer height=”20px”]
Step 2 · Age-Defying Roll-On Eye Serum[spacer height=”20px”]
A concentradted eye serum for intensive restructuring and effective reduction of fine lines. It is a powerful gel formula in a uniqe roll-on applicator with cooling metal ball that provides instant relief by revitalizing, moisturizing and brightening the delicate eye area. Hyaluronic Acid and Co-Q10 substances stimulate cell renewal and hydration in the deep layers of the skin. Plant extractshave a rejuvenating effect on the delicate skin of the eye area leaving it looking firmed and younger. The eyelids appear tighter and the visibility of dark circles and tear sacs is noticeably minimized. For a sustainably corrected and perfected eye area.
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